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Outsiders offers support and expertise on disability, relationships and sexuality. We run a uniquely prestigious international private club for socially and physically disabled people, where members offer each other peer support and friendship, and many find love and happiness. We have lunches for members around the country.

We also run the Sex and Disability Helpline, the Sexual Health and Disability Alliance for health and social care professionals, a sexual advocacy services and an online resource called the Sexual Respect Tool Kit.

Outsiders campaigns for disabled people to be accepted as sexual, and to receive good sex and disability education. Administration, projects and funding are handled by the Outsiders Trust, registered charity No 283350 — see here
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Why join the club?

If you are feeling left out or stuck in a rut, Outsiders can provide an oportunity for you to take control of your life and open the door to new friendships and relationships.

Some use the club as a stepping stone, some to find a partner. Others enjoy being part of a group of people who are there for each other and learn from each other, to help individuals accept and love themselves, so that others can love them too.

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Quotes from Members

“Saviours of horny disabled people, I salute you.”

Mike Bramley

“Saviours of horny disabled people, I salute you.”

Mike Bramley

“Outsiders is an organisation that is doing much to make people aware of the problems faced by people with disabilities.”

Nick Wallis

“Outsiders has now become my main mentor in life. There is always someone available to contact if i need them. I have learnt so much since joining, different cultures, religions, attitudes to life. Outsiders is different to other dating agencies as they got me to think “Outside the box” that i have been holed up in.”

Helen O'Toole

“Outsiders is a superb organization because it has helped me to be confident with my disability. Eleni and I are proud of ourselves and each other now. Best club I ever joined.”

Phil Nicols

“Thank you for the birthday card. Life's lonely in the country!”.


“After joining Outsiders and learning so much, I came to the conclusion that disabled people make the best lovers because we know how to ask for things nicely and are also highly experienced at dealing with huge hurdles and practical difficulties.

Lesley Child

“I've never read anything so perceptive as the Outsiders literature.”


“When I first joined Outsiders, I was depressed, agoraphobic and isolated by a stutter. The club gave me the chance to be more adventurous in a friendly and supportive environment. I now have a job, a partner and a son. My advice to a new member would be twofold: stick at it, and get involved.”


Quotes from Others

“If you try to assist socially and physically disabled people to lead ordinary lives with emotions, needs, and relationships that can stretch from friendship and conversation to the bedroom and beyond, you will soon understand why the charity Outsiders might bear that name.”

Nick Cater Third Sector

Outsiders's Sexual Respect Tool Kit is one of the most important developments in sexual health, certainly in the last decade.

Susan Quilliam authoress of The New Joy of Sex

“Disabled people have no choice but to be one another's allies, because I believe we can help one another find a way to vent the rage and ameliorate the depression that results from the part of ourselves that refuses to be put down, classified as second best, disposable and unloveable.”

Bob Guter Queer Crips

“It was the Outsiders conference at the Royal Society of Medicine that inspired me to work on the topic of sex and disability and I have used their research in my work.”

Claire de Than Senior Lecturer in Law and Director for Student Experience at City University London

“Thank you on behalf of everyone who had life improvements, comfort and fulfilment from the work that you have done. Long may you continue.”

Colin Rutherford Charity Chairman

“Outsiders' fund-raisers are exemplary about the world for their inclusivity, encouraging disabled people to come along and enjoy themselves, just like anybody else.”

Gender and Sexuality Report in the BRIDGE Cutting Edge Pack published by the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex.

“Outsiders not only spreads the word on disability rights but, through the helpline and workshops, it can help members to attain the knowledge and confidence to assert these rights and live the kind of life they, as adults, want to. Long live Outsiders!”

Victoria McKenzie

“Outsiders is more than good fun — it increases one’s understanding of being disabled.”

Disability Now

“Outsiders is unique. It has members worldwide and is cited on the Internet, in books and in resource packs and talks openly about sex and disability. Outsiders changes people’s lives by giving them confidence and helps them become the person they want to be.”

Society Guardian

“Organisations such as The Outsiders and TLC (Tender Loving Care) do invaluable work to recognise the sexual needs of disabled people, and do what they can to help - campaigning in a pretty forthright way.”

Bel Mooney Daily Mail

“Tuppy Owens and Outsiders will prove to be a major influence on the future of society, and should be respected as such.”

Chad Varah Companion of Honour, CBE, founder of The Samaritans

“I was so, so happy to hear that there is something being done to advocate for people with disabilities and advocating for the sexual rights. I haven't heard about anything like The Outsiders existing in North America and I am happy to be able to share my learning's from your website with the rest of my colleagues and professors. Thanks for doing all that you do.

Vanessa in an email


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