Massive £50 OFF the Hold-it

Our friends at ‘Gifts For Book Lovers’ are offering a £50 discount code on the ‘Hold-it’, exclusively to ‘Outsiders’.

The Hold-it Lifts the Burden for Senior Citizens & Disabled Booklovers

Most people take reading and writing for granted. We learn these skills as a child and like most skills learnt at that age, they come quite easily. Sadly for many with limited mobility or disability, basic everyday tasks like these are a challenge, depriving many of life’s most basic pleasures — writing letters or e-mails to friends and family, video chatting with loved ones or simply reading a favorite book.

This is why Gifts for Book Lovers is proud to announce the addition of the groundbreaking ‘Hold-it to it’s innovative product range. First conceived as an ergonomic floor standing book holder, The Hold-it has evolved through strenuous design stages to also function as a multipurpose iPad, Air, iPad Mini, Tablet or Kindle holder.

The Award Winning Hold-it enables users to read and perform a number of tasks at any angle — whether sitting, standing, or lying down. It has proven especially useful for users experiencing severe neck, back, arm, and hand pain. Many wheelchair users and those with limited mobility in the hands and arms have found it invaluable.


SHADA plan to persuade governing bodies to include sex and disability in their training, guidelines and policies

The Sexual Health and Disability Alliance are starting a project which aims to persuade all the governing bodies to include sex and disability in their training, guidelines and policies. This is because health and social care professionals who work with disabled people say they feel they don’t have permission, nor the training to include this in their holistic care.

Outsiders partners with services supporting disabled people with body image and sexual self confidence

Outsiders is forming partnerships with people and organisations around the world who are providing services to support disabled people gain a better body image and more sexual self confidence through various therapies: being drawn naked in life modelling, being painted or photographed, being touched or massaged, or attending classes providing a mixture of these things. For a list, see “Partners” in our Tool Bar.