Thank you!!

“A big thank you to Marian Barber and Weston Rotary for a donation of £400 to support the South West Outsiders Lunch.  Also to D Payne and S Nishimura for their generous donation to Outsiders of £30.”


Our Outsiders members are having fun and discussing things about their lives – as they can’t meet each other at our lunches. Some are using Zoom, WhatsApp etc.

At last Money!

At last a member has left us some of money in his will, so that we could afford to give our volunteers a little money  for their travel expenses, if that is what they want. We can also stop worrying about money!


The NR Times published an article calling our founder, Dr Tuppy Owensa a pioneer – providing disabled peopleconfidence and a quality of life..

New Events and Lunches

We are getting more events in the West Country and more lunches – in SE of England, North West of of England, Cambridge, Edinburgh, and hoping to have members in the USA running them in their locality.

We are wanting more lunches accross the country

Although we already have regular lunches in London, Birmingham, the South-West Country and the NE of England, we are hopiing to have them in South Wales, Manchester, and in the South East. If anyone experienced with physically disabled people would like to run one – please get in touch with