We are all voluntary and work hard to ensure disabled people are less lonely, enjoy both peer and professional support, learn about their bodies and how to enjoy sex and relationships, and find partners. We run seven projects, including the Outsiders Club, which you may be interested to learn about :-

The Outsiders Club –

Catering to physically and socially disabled people so they can make friends, enjoy peer support, and find partners. We hold lunches around the country and run an online Clubhouse. Applicants are vetted and so we do not admit predators.

Outsiders Club Helpline
The Club helpline is run by experienced members from 2 — 7pm weekdays. This contact with members and their worries and difficulties gives them a grip on the dynamics of the club. They run a very personal service and nobody has ever complained about this service. The Helpline can also be accessed by email. See ‘Contact’.

Outsiders Online Clubhouse – described in ‘About’.

Outsiders Club Live Discussions
We hold discussions on topics of relevance to our members that seem to be holding them back. They are both in person at lunches and online in the Members’ Area.


Beyond Impairment
Beyond Impairment is an Outsiders innovation to support disabled people to look at their assets — what they can do and what they are good at — and how these can be used to attract a partner, seduce a partner, and enjoy a relationship with a partner. For example, a quadriplegic person may have a strong voice which they can use, there’s humour, brain power, hair, sexual knowledge, all kinds of things which can be put to the forefront, to your advantage, to attract others to you. Paid up members can enter this programme.

Outsiders Campaigns and Projects
Outsiders runs campaigns and projects both on the Members’ Area as well as out in the world. The Outsiders demo on Westminster Bridge was incredible and our aim is to encourage society to view disabled people as sexual beings with the same desires and needs as everybody else.


The Sex and Disability Helpline+44(0) 7900 957 393

Open 11am – 5pm weekdays and run by sex therapists who specialise in disability. Callers are disabled people, their carers and parents. Emails come from all over the globe.

SHADA – the Sexual Health and Disability Alliance –

A group of health and social care professionals, lawyers and service providers who support each other in their work to ensure their disabled clients enjoy their bodies, sex and relationships. We meet twice a year in London and are campaigning for all governing bodies to include sex and disabilities in their policies, guidelines and training.

TLC Trust –

A website for disabled men and women to find responsible sexual services – Tantric practitioners, sexological bodyworkers and sex workers. The site has much advice, and the service providers are vetted.

The Sexual Respect Tool Kit –

For GPs and other health and social care professionals to feel more comfortable initiating conversations around sex.

The School of Sex for people with disabilities – a website which is not live yet

Written by sexually experienced disabled people, teachers/care staff and and those who provide them with sexual services. Covering all kinds of things, such as how to gain sexual confidence and become proactive and how to find a partner when you are blind.

We have eight trustees who meet four times a year and around 200 volunteers around the country. We run our own fundraising events.