The Outsiders Club

The Outsiders Club offers physically and socially disabled people the chance to enjoy peer support, make new friends and find partners. Our members tell us that only other disabled people really understand them so they make the best partners.  We are a place where you and your sexuality will be accepted and all your personal problems can be addressed, so your  self image and whole life  will improve. Outsiders is unique in the world and treasured by our members.

Membership is free but we welcome donations from those who gain from our services. We are run by volunteers on a shoestring with very little funding. We encourage members to support each other you can phone our dedicated helpline any weekday from 11-5pm.

Outsiders was designed as a stepping stone, but many members love being part of our club, and stay members for ever. They find it enriches their lives.

We’ve been told that, for some, joining Outsiders is too big a step. But there is nothing to fear, nothing lost in just trying us out. Inside our club, shy, inexperienced people are helped along by the more confident and experienced.  Selfish, exploitative and mean-spirited people are kept away.

Others may feel they don’t want to join a club that is full of disabled people. But when you join, you will simply find a few wheelchair users, a few visually impaired people, some people of smaller stature, otherf people with Aspergers, arthritis, epilepsy and a myriad of hidden disabilities and problems of shyness and phobias, all mixing together and gaining from each other. You may, all of a sudden feel you are totally accepted, and that will feel really nice. After all, until you actually accept and love yourself, how can any body else ever love you? Mixing in an able-bodied society, it’s easy to pick up their discrimination — which rejects disabled people as partners. It’s a shame when a disabled person feels that too.


Thousands of disabled people live in hope of finding a partner, and it’s not until despair strikes that they come to Outsiders, sometimes not until they are in their 50’s! Don’t leave it so long! Being in Outsiders is not an alternative to socialising elsewhere, in fact it makes you more confident in doing so, especially with regards to starting relationships of all kinds.

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