The Outsiders Team

Dr Tuppy Owens Tuppy started running Outsiders from her subterranean flat in Mayfair in 1979 (with accessible back entrance). She continues to coordinate the club and run the Trust from her croft in the Highlands. She has an Honorary Doctorate for Good Works, and a Diploma in Human Sexuality from London University. She enjoys a mixture of the wilderness at home and the exotic style of London and is devoted to Outsiders and its future. She runs Outsiders for free, as a volunteer. Today, the board of Trustees are responsible for the Outsiders and Tuppy attends all their meetings.

Outsiders Club team of Volunteers

Most of our volunteers are Outsiders members who have gained experience, found happiness and want to support others. Together, they have a wide range of wisdom, experience and practical know-how on disability and personal matters.
Page3Members wishing to volunteer need to have been in the Club for at least six months before starting work.

Outsiders has been lucky enough to have some very exceptional membership secretaries, most of whom came from the membership and fundraising events, and went on to successful careers elsewhere. Thanks go to
or volunteers work hard but some have health problems and experience fatigue, shyness, and stress, so please be respectful towards us.

Membership Team

The Membership Team coordinate the club. They vet applicants, respond to emails and phone calls, send messages on forthcoming activities, and make phone calls to ensure everything is going well for members.
Janet Brookman — Janet is the longest-running volunteer. She specialises in our visually impaired members and also answers the phone when people ring asking about Outsiders.
Emma Bucket – who does most for Outsiders, producing a monthly newsletter and helpipng members.
Chantelle Dixon
supports members Group Chats in the Clubhous

Tuppy Owens Tuppy oversees and looks after the vollies, consults them on all decisions, and keeps them up to speed on the progress of programmes and funding.

Volunteers who run Events
We have written guidelines on running lunches and, in 2005, Victoria Mackenzie, who has run the London Lunch and helped at Sheffield, wrote down the model she used. These are available here.
London Lunches are currently run by a small team of volunteers including James Salisbury, Emma and Chantelle, plusTuppy when she comes to Lom
East Anglia Lunches were run by Maz Peri. We hope to find some new volunteers to take it over.
Midlands Lunches are run by a group
Sheffield Lunches are run by Lilian McCarthy
Leeds Lunches are run by Aurelia Gaskin

NW Lunches will be run by various people.

South Scotland lunches will be run in Edinburgh  by the group there.

Outsiders Jamboree is an annual event which takes place in London, a kind of Monday Matinée Mini-Ball with all kinds of activity and fun. This is a time when we invite people from outside to join us and find out more. It is run by a small team of of the above plus some of our fundraising vollies.
Outsiders at the Disability Field at Glastonbury is run by Tulloch Kempe.
Computers and Website Lawrence Brightman looks after our computers and John Keiller produced our websites. Additional IT Support Services are provided by Alex Burton.
Our Trustees are listed in the Trust section.