This free helpline is 07872 681 982 and by email on It is open 11am to 7pm weekdays. Frequently Asked Questions with answers are below. We answer calls from both health and social work professionals, support staff and partners, and disabled and injured people themselves. If there is no reply, please leave a short message, giving your name and phone number slowly and clearly, or call back. If you don’t hear back, just try again as our operators are busy and doing their best. We are not paid.

Being anonymous, the caller can ask any question, however intimate or embarrassing they find it, and problems are discussed openly and with sensitivity.
We are aware that disability, disfigurement, shyness and social phobia,  post traumatic stress disorder and being unable to feel vulnerable in sexual situations, can disrupt sexual expression and relationships. Many socially, learning, disabled, and injured people struggle with their body image, sexual function and intimacy.

Calls are free and usually last less than five minutes, when callers go away happy. Sometimes, callers are pointed to other professionals such as sex therapists or sexological body workers for more support.

If you are pleased with the support given, you can always donate on

Don’t be shy about calling if your problems are of a very intimate nature: our operators have “heard it all before”. They are qualified sex therapists with years of experience of disability and all its associated ’embarrassing moments’ and the sexual anguish which can be experienced.

We have produced a list of Frequently Asked Questions which may inspire you to sort out your problems without phoning.

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