Chapter 13

Chapter 13 — Our Magazine INSIDE
INSIDE was published up to four times a year and sent out to members by post with the Membership List. With the advent of everything becoming online, INSIDE is no longer printed but we hope to keep some of the more popular features. The Aunty Tuppy column is now a regular monthly feature on Disability Horizons.
The magazine contained details of forthcoming events, write-ups of workshops and meetings including the V-Group for women to discuss personal issues, and SHADA, our group for health professionals. There were articles written by members and Mandi Peers, the spinal injured journalist wrote a Clubbing Column.


Other regular features included Aspie Corner, Practical Suggestions update (see Chapter 14) and the Aunty Tuppy pages. There, I answered problems recently put to me by members — the members were obviously not named). I was thrilled when the Headmaster of Treloer College, Graham Jowett, spoke of an idea he’d read in the Aunty Tuppy pages, at a meeting I attended. I asked him how he’d seen that, and he replied he had been reading the column online! I was so thrilled to hear this.
The magazine went through many incarnations, and our then Membership Secretary, Paul Nevitt took it over for a while. I loved putting it all together yet it seemed a hell of a lot of work for such a tiny publication.

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