Chapter 19

Chapter 19 — How things have changed over the years
Things have certainly changed since we began.
They have become easier in a couple of respects. It is much, much easier to find venues to hold our lunches both from the access angle and being made to feel welcome. Secondly, disabled people are more aware of their rights and less likely to lean on us for support.
However, they are also much more stuck for cash and less optimistic about finding a lover. Although society accepts disabled people more readily, people are less willing to have a relationship with somebody disabled. Money, looks and image now seem to be more important than happiness.
Amazingly, society is able to accept disabled people using sex workers more than having a sexual partner. The website, TLC, which Tuppy started for them to access responsible sex workers gets many more donations than Outsiders ever gets. This might be because the two groups share a stigma or, more sadly, because people don’t like the idea of disabled people mating and perhaps creating more disabled people, or they view disabled people as sexless, child-like and unsexy!! Sex, it seems today, must be enjoyed by the young, beautiful and able-bodied alone !
Outsiders is still unique in the world. Britain should be proud that this is the only country where disabled people have their own club where their personal development is respected. We have people joining the Outsiders club from all over the world.

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