Chapter 21 – Our new online Clubhouse

Outsiders has at last created a successful online Clubhouse where applicants arrive to present themselves to the other members. It is actually on Facebook and I had to brace myself to do this, as I am not a Facebook fan. But it works wonderfully. It is becoming more and more dynamic and members support each other amazingly well. Magic!

Members make friends, read advice and guiidelines, learn about our events, and enjoy Group Chats which members have started themselves. These chats vary a great deal, from the self improvement group chat which is one of the the best example of peer support I have ever experienced, to cookery, all things kinky, political rants and local social groups.

The local social group members can decide how, when and where they would like to socialise (perhaps not, or as well as at our Saturday lunches) and can get together when they are particularly lonely eg on Christmas day. They may decide to run a Women’s Group which meets both online and at a member’s abode, to discuss their woes, worries and triumphs.The potential is endless.


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