Chapter 22 New Projects and Volunteers

Chapter 22: New Projects and Volunteers

Over the years, I have created 8 projects to support disabled people in their sexual lives. These are :-

1979 The Outsiders Club

1981 The Outsiders Trust (registered charity no 283350)

2003 The Sex and Disability Helpline

2005 The Sexual Heath and Disability Alliance, SHADA

2012 The Sexual Respect Tool Kit

2000 The website

2015 SHADA International website

2017 The School of Sex for Disabled People website

I am particularly proud of the School of Sex as members of the Outsiders Club told me that their sex education had been worse than useless. The writing is unique and positive, aimed to educate people with disabilities around the globe, make them safer and improve their lives..

The Outsiders online Clubhouse is working very well – and our members are enjoying meeting new people and finding lovers. We almost have two clubs, this online one and our lunches around the country. Some people enjoy both but we do have members at the lunch who do not use a computer, and they are not just elderly members. I am happy we are able to support both groups.

In 2015, I won the Innovation Award of Sexual Health and Human Rights UNESCO, I became a finalist (Lifetime Achievement) in the Directory of Social Change Awards 2015

I am now in my 70s and determined that my projects will continue to function when I fall off my perch. So I am delighted that the Outsiders Trust now has a wonderful team of Trustees all of whom help me with these projects. Fiona Soloman, Nicola Howard, Professor Claire de Than, Alex Burton, Els Payne and Emma Buckett some of whome are Outsiders members and I trust they will look after the Club and keep it thriving.

Emma Buckett is being a real gem. While the Coronavirus is with us, she is being very positive with all our members. She has also created the Outsiders monthly Newsletter.

The trustees are looking after their particular groups and they are also finding ways for the Outsiders to be funded so that my successor can be paid.