London Lunch was a blast

For the first time ever, people who had been in touch in the Clubhouse met and got to know one another better at our lunch. Some found they fancied each other, others had their friendship bonded. Our workshop was attended by over 20 people who took turns to say what they thought others found attractive about them, and what put people off, only to be told by the others how misconceived they were. They found this really useful. The workshop was recorded by Nikki Fox for BBC Radio 5 Live (everyone gave their permission).

We also welcomed Roxy Rezveny, associate producer at Vice magazine to speak to members in order to find the perfect subject for a documentary to compensate for the horrible Undateables series. The lunch was the most dynamic it’s ever been – with loads of what seemed like really beautiful people, young and not so young, all networking and enjoying. The idea of Outsiders Walks came up and these are now being organised. Long may this last.