Outsiders 2017 Jamboree a Magical Success

We enjoyed a fabulous afternoon in the Backyard Comedy Club in Bethnal Green in June. We started with the Tactile Fashion Show which was run by costumier D. and both physically disabled and other people dressed up in outfits of various textures and walked around inviting others to feel the clothing. This is to include blind members in the experience. It was really exciting and spectacular.

After that, Mouse, dressed as a Mermaid gave everyone coloured pens, sparkly stick-ons, wool and white boards to draw her and make a lovely image.


Winning Image by Maria

The images were all put up at the back of the stage and Tuppy Owens, founder of Outsiders, chose the winners. It was won by a lovely girl called Maria.

Tuppy announced the Ted O’Dwyer Award for Rising Above It to Anna Higgs who is living a really positive life after having a serious stroke at the age of 24.

Lastly, Jo King gave us a lesson in gaining sexual confidence so that you can walk (or wheel)m tall when approaching a potential partner and Anna Higgs spoke of how she has done this herself by learning to be a burlesque dancer. This lead to discussions and we decided to create a series of photos of disabled people saying, ‘Please ask if I need any support instead of forcing support on us or ignoring us’, put in various wording.