Outsiders Club members sing our praises

Here are some of the things they are telling us:

‘Outsiders has connected me with other people who are as ill as I am, which is a great comfort, as they understand and show concern for me.’ Emma

‘Thanks to Outsiders I have started seeing someone for the first time in my life! It’s a huge learning curve but it’s great to have the peer support from other wonderful, intelligent and sensitive women.’

‘Having allowed me connect with people I wouldn’t have otherwise, I have new friends, new relationships and a much richer life because of Outsiders.’

‘Within just a few short months in Outsiders I was able to meet and begin a relationship with a really lovely person.’

‘Having grown up with a disability, I have always felt that society generally does not view people with disabilities as viable romantic partners.’

‘Outsiders provides an invaluable platform on which those of us who are excluded by society’s attitudes are able to get together with each other. This means that we don’t have to suffer the indignity of continuously being rejected by society in our search to find love.’ Sam

‘Outsiders has helped me come out of my inner shell and be more sociable.’ Jade

‘Outsiders has introduced me to members with different disabilities who I have enjoyed speaking to and getting to know.’ (man with Diabetes)

 ‘Outsiders has showed me that lots of others are in the same boat.’ Desi

 ‘Outsiders… the diverse yet most inclusive club were we are liked and learn to like’. Arun