Outsiders Midlands Lunch this Saturday

The next Midlands Outsiders Lunch will be this Saturday from 1pm – 5pm at The Old Contemptibles pub, 176 Edmund street, Snow Hill, Birmingham B3 2HB

We sit in the restaurant where there is an accessible loo. The food is absolutely delicious, the pub friendly and funky, and our lunch is run by a beautiful jewellery student, Angharad. See this testimony of the last lunch:

I passionately urge you to attend a lunch, even if you feel you’re not quite ready to attend.  To be honest, you may never feel fully ready to meet others in person, so you have to take a leap of faith, secure in the knowledge that Outsiders are amongst the very nicest people in the whole world.
     I know nice people when I meet them! I’m a recently new Outsiders’ member and I had never been to a lunch before, and felt so welcomed!   We all were completely being ourselves, no affectation required or expected.  It was such a gentle and soothing atmosphere and quite unintentionally so.  Tuppy and host, Angharad introduced me to people I’d never met, and advised who would like to speak to me.  I thus had permission to approach those I would never have otherwise dared to speak with.  You have reservations about face-to-face meeting?  Dismiss your reservations as the party-poopers they are, and reserve your place at the Outsiders’ dinner-table.  You don’t have to eat food to attend a lunch, you just be who you are and let yourself enjoy the time together with others.  Truly, Luv from Numa.’