Peer Support

Within Outsiders Club

Apart from the workshop/ discussions held at lunches and online, Outsiders’ peer support is unstructured and spontaneous in the online Clubhouse.This happens both on the main page and in the Group Chats. We observe members supporting each other through difficult relationships, to become more open, become more likely to find the right partner for them, and being very patient and sweet with people who are struggling.

I have even heard of members supporting another when her house was flooded, and when they lose a loved one. They say the friends they have in Outsiders support them better than their relatives and other friends.

Some of our members are particularly cut out for offering peer support, and this is one of the ways they enjoy the club. Some members find that supporting others helps them out of their depression. Others offer peer support when they have found the man or woman of their dreams and want to contribute to the club, to stay connected with us.

All this suits Outsides and our laissez faire attitude of giving members and volunteers autonomy and the freedom to do things their own way in their own time. We don’t do deadlines, pressure or bad attitude. Those who behave badly are asked to leave.

Other Private Peer Support Groups

Outsiders provides private peer support for members around the world with specific personal difficulties, in our online Clubhouse.

Examples of specific personal difficulties may be:

• women with cerebral palsy who experience spasms and legs refusing to part while attempting intercourse

• men and women who physically cannot masturbate

• disabled people whose religion forbids them to masturbate or have premarital sex

• disabled people inhibited by their parents or care staff

• disabled couples who cannot do what they crave for sexually

• gay and queer disabled people

• people with Aspergers struggling with socialising

• people with social anxiety

Practical Suggestions

ideas and information collected from Outsiders members over the years and last published as a book in 2002. Since that time, each edition of INSIDE had an update and we continue to add new things in our Members Area.